Milton, NC

The firemen’s stew… the general store which is now an antique shop… Main Street which is now Broad Street… the mural in the pizza place… the racetrack down the road.

Lisa drove down Highway 62 one Sunday morning in April 2013 looking for the Presbyterian church in Milton, NC. She saw the sign that said “Welcome to Milton,” and before she knew it, she had driven out of town! She turned around at the cemetery, found the Church, and went inside where the 9 members of the congregation were sitting in antique pews made by acclaimed furniture maker Thomas Day (the Thomas Day house is now a museum in town). Current Mayor Harriet Brandon was playing the organ for the service.

From there, we discovered Milton, NC in these ways…


On June 20-22, 2014, Milton hosted the 1st Annual Street Fair– in part as a lead-in event to PearlDamour’s MILTON play. The fair was a huge success, and the dates are already set for the 2nd Annual Street Fair next year. Here are some photos from the weekend:


On August 1, 2014, the entire MILTON team descended on Milton to prepare for and produce the show.  It was an incredible week filled with creative challenge, community events, deep local hospitality, and lots of discoveries about what it really means to do a show called MILTON in a town called Milton.  The project was a true collaboration, and would not have been possible without the help we received and excitement we felt from the town.  Here are some photos of two weeks we will never forget:


Since the production, we have stayed in touch with our friends in Milton, NC. We are proud of the ripples our project has helped cause. Check out the continuing creative civic practice happening in the slideshow below.

Daryl and Becky’s Adventure Around Milton, NC!

Becky and I sincerely enjoyed the 3 hours or so we spent in Milton, NC, recently. We loved “Milton Tire & Grill.” Patsy and gang were the best.

Did you meet Pauline Johnson? She was the first person we encountered in Milton, NC. She had a bag of donuts and insisted I have one. Actually, we had just pulled into the post office parking lot when I heard a woman thank Pauline for the donut Pauline had given her. I asked Pauline where I could buy a donut. She insisted, more than once, that I have one from her bag. I’m gluten-free but because she was so nice I stuck my hand in the bag and pulled one out, finger through the hole just like I did as a kid. I took a big bite, chewed and swallowed. I handed the rest to Becky and asked Pauline if we could take her photo. The card she’s holding is a gift from Becky. It was made by a Gullah artist.

Interesting idea, “Sky Over Milton.” Wish we’d have known you were in our Milton, whenever that was. I have tons of photos from around town. Our local paper, “The Milton Times” is having a photo contest, “Faces & Places of Milton.” Entry deadline is April 20, 2016. You might want to check with them if you’re in need of some more shots of Milton, MA. Are you coming here to perform the play anytime soon? Please be sure to let us know when you do.

Take care and keep having fun. We’ll do the same.

Daryl Warner

Gluten-Free Bio & Solar D

People from the town

Twinkle and Grave Stone

Special Gravestone

This is the grave marker of my great grandmother, who was a midwife in Milton and Caswell County. Her name was Henrietta Phelps Jeffries, and she was famous around here.

photo-3 copy

Raku Potter

I'm in front of my house in the woods.


Clay and Staton

My dad taught me that life is not about living in the fast lane all the time.


Charity and Jasmine

We would love to travel the world.

the garlands

The Garlands

We love dressing alike!



Help is at the end of your own arms.


Artist and Teacher

Listen to others with compassion and kindness.



I've had a lot of jobs.


Grandma and Grandson

I love to sing.


Earring makers

Always respect each other.

Skies from the town


New Year's Eve 2013... taken from my home


January sky through trees.


Winter sky over neighboring property.


Full moon in December.



The sky in oil paint.

cadmus pink sunset nc