Milton-Freewater, OR

Sunset over the Blues… vineyards and tastings… windmills on the ranch… Panaderia on Main street.

In April 2013,  we sent a blind email to the garden club of Milton-Freewater, OR asking if they would meet with us.   One month later, we were walking into a road-side restaurant to meet a tableful of women who were waiting there for us. They brought us corsages, and over lunch we got their individual stories…

From there we went on to discover Milton-Freewater in these ways:


And did we mention the Muddy Frogwater Festival? In 1971 the city manager hired a branding consultant– who recommended that the town brand itself with frogs. There are lots of different opinions amongst town members about whether that was a good or bad idea!  Here is a frog photo gallery…


We made a visit during the Cinco de Mayo 2014 festival– here are some of the pictures from that trip:


Show Week in Milton-Freewater!

People from the town


Stitching Shoes

Shoes aren't made like they used to be made.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.47.14 PM

Cinco de Mayo beauty

I can do it if I try hard.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.58.46 PM

Running the Bead Shop

You have to be professional about it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.40.23 PM


Honestly, without a career, you don't have a future.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 3.54.51 PM

Community Organizer

I imagine that probably a lot of Americans who aren’t native to here are making a lot of compromises.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.50.31 PM

Caretaker of Milton-Freewater’s history

I love history and antiques.


Nikayla Webb

My biggest dream is to go to a good college and become an artist.


Sienna Torres

My biggest dream of my life is to move to London, England, United Kingdom and become a homicide detective.


Lilee Roggow

I really want to go skydiving someday!


Heidi Zitterkopf

My biggest dream in my life is to help animals.


Meredith Moore

I am most proud of how we are close and together like a big family.


Macy Thomas

One thing I want to do is to travel outside my own country.


Samantha Choate

My dream is that I want to be an animator/art teacher.


Banyan Moss

I want to travel Europe on tour someday.


Nichole Rencken

The one reason I’m glad to live in my town is because we are a supporting community.


Nayeli Anahi Ruiz

I come from posole cooking in a big, gray pot as all my extended family comes through the door.


Jimena Olmos

I come from a Saturday morning with my team, smelling sweat and grass.


Sandra Peyreda

Heritage Club is here to serve and help bring out the Latino community.


Ramon Esparza

I'm standing next to the "glass house" in one of the vineyards I manage.

Skies from the town


Every night I get a show.

windmill against sky

Windmill against the sky.


Sunset from my front yard.

santa pink clouds and flag 1

I'm a vet, so the flag is important to me.


The view from my North Pole.

MF blue sky sam hubbard

Bright Blue Sky!

clouds over the blues 2

Clouds over the Blue Mountains

sky sun streak

Sun streaking through the clouds.

MF Sky for Newsletter

The sky on Cinco de Mayo in Milton-Freewater.

MF sky over fences

Gone in less than a minute.


Sky over Milton-Freewater vineyards.




The sky over a morning grape-picking shift in Milton-Freewater.